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Lets go Uptown was birthed from humble beginnings. From our two founder’s, Eddie and Christine’s, love for the hip hop and R&B lifestyle and the fashion that came along with it.

Like one of hip hop and R&B culture’s ultimate power couple Queen B and Jay-Z, Eddie and Christine also worked together as one in taking charge to elevate Lets go Uptown to greater heights by bringing in a designer who would make it all happen.

Now we bring the attention to our shining star, Venus, Gaga. The brains behind all the fabulous designs to make many ladies from all parts of the globe feel uniquely chic and sexy. Unique J is where we’ll all flock too for cover if ever there were to be a hot mess fashion apocalypse. Her perspective on a curvy woman’s options for sexy clothing would grasp the likes of many.

Our vision of a classy, fine, all-eyes-on-me type of woman first came to life in 2011 when she joined the Lets go Uptown team. Since then, our clothing has ended up on many of the types of women we celebrate. Uptown blends a one of a kind style of sophistication and attitude. Keeping’ it real like the ladies we dress, because there’s no room for fakers.